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There are some ideas of having amazing teen rooms with small area. One of them is about the bedroom’s walls. Since we have small area, we can make the bedroom look more spacious using light wall paint colors, like pale green, pale yellow, sky blue, and pink. If we need funkier look, we can paint the wall with bold and light color stripes horizontally to make the bedroom looks larger. We can colors like red or blue. Or, we can paint the room in beige or white color and a wall side in orange, pink, or red to make a focal point.

For the amazing teen rooms with small area, we can choose furniture which is mounted to the wall and avoid furniture which is not really important. This way will increase the floor space. For the rack or cabinet, it is better if we choose the wall mounted cabinets or shelves, so that we still have a lot of space on the floor. Those wall mounted shelves will also reduce the clutters on the floor. For bedding, we can choose one in light colors or small patterns to make an illusion of larger bedroom. We can choose some colors like baby blue, lilac, light pink, cream, or white. Or, we can choose some small patterns of stripes, polka dots, or flowers. We have to make sure that we do not apply dark colors or bold and big stripes in the small bedroom, since they will make the bedroom looks smaller and narrower.

Other amazing teen rooms with small area can be implemented in the window treatments. For the small bedroom, we can match the curtain to the bed to make them unite. We can use the same fabrics and patterns for our bed sheet and curtain. We have to make sure that we do not use the curtains in busy or large patterns.