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When old furniture sets are chipped and damaged, they become less beautiful. Also, their faded colors make them look duller than they used to be. So, what is the solution to restore their beautiful looks? You don’t have to throw them out or sell them. Repainting them is the answer. So, this time we are giving you some tips on how to repaint furniture of yours to restore their good looks so they won’t go to waste.

What are the matters we have to remember in repainting our furniture? What steps should we take in this process? There are many of them, but we’re here to tell you just some important steps on how to repaint furniture. There are four steps you should take, along with important points that you should keep in mind in doing the repainting process.

The first step is cleaning your furniture. Use cleaners that are safe to your furniture. It is important then to find out what materials your furniture sets are made of. The second one is picking the color and paint. Use colors that may form a great combination. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors, as long as they are still decent-looking. Also, pick the paint that suits the material of your furniture sets. The third step is fixing the damage and then performing the sanding and priming process. Fix the chipped parts of your furniture sets then proceeds to the two most important processes in repainting your furniture: sanding and priming. If you’re having a hard time doing this process, then never hesitate to ask for help from your family, friends, and neighbors. Finally, the final process is the painting itself. Perform long strokes for flat and wide parts of the furniture, so the final product will look amazing.

So, try these tips now and see that it is the greatest way how to repaint furniture perfectly at your own home then!