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Room designs are one of the most significant aspects on home, cottage, and any building design. How you are decorating your room, it will indirectly affect people’s mood and comfort who live in the home. The paint color of the room, the tones and accent to make your home lively, and furniture to make the family feel comfortable living in the home, is all the aspect to consider when you are creating the design for it. There are wide varieties of room design to choose between to beautify your home, cottage, cabin and any other building; traditional home, modern home, rustic home and any other, the design can be chosen based on person preference or the types of building someone has for example mountain cottage with traditional interiors.

Mountain cottage is one extravagant home design where people use mostly for rest and place for vacation. People seek peaceful atmosphere and comfortable living area when they are spending their time in the mountain cottage this why mountain cottage with traditional interiors is one of the most popular design for cottage people choose to decorate their home. This design is differ into several styles you can choose with. First, is the alpine design form Swiss decor. This traditional style of mountain cottage is also suitable for cabins as they are able to add an old-world vibe to your room. The second style is Scandinavian design. This design is a mixed style of European with Scandinavian and started to know in the 1770s and become popular after 19th century. Third, is Italian design that is mixed design with the Tuscan. This design is quite influenced by the Mediterranean style; those can be seen from the material and color applied. And, last types of mountain cottage with traditional interiors is French design which takes the townhouse look in France with epitomize and mellow antique appearance.