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Some unique and creative staircase designs are needed to create a unique look in our home around our stairs. This staircase will add our home beauty, since the stair is also one of the focal point in a room. There are some staircase designs we can choose. One of them is a spiral. This kind of staircase has a radius as the central pole which circles around. This type is not really functional. Its existence is used as the decorative item. This spiral staircase is a good choice to create a focal point in a room. It is usually made wood or steel. Yet, it is not safe for us who have kids at home.

Then, L-shaped is also one of the unique and creative staircase designs. This kind of staircase includes some points for landing. Above the landing point, this staircase is continued at the angle degree of 90 to the left or the right of following staircase below. This staircase, then, will create the L shape whenever we look down. Although it will take more flooring space, this staircase is the most popular staircase design and type. For more creative unique design, we can use a space beneath the stairs as an additional storage. We can build some shelves here to store shoes, coats, umbrellas, or hats, especially when our stair lies near our home’s main entrance. When we need to have more and more storage, we can use the cavity beneath each stair step to build closed drawers.

Besides, we can also install a U-shaped staircase as one of the unique and creative staircase designs. This staircase is a-two-parallel staircase. Just like the L shape staircase, it also takes much floor spaces. However, both the staircase in L and U shapes are safer than the spiral one. We can opt for those shapes if we have kids at home.