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Green living room

green living room 112 image post » Green Living Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating ideas for a green living room | living room coffee table. I never found that perfect table, so this » Green Living Room 2013 – design of Modern Decoration Living Rooms | Decorating ideas for a green living room ~ Image Resolution: 1024 × 768 · 77 kB · jpeg

When we hear about green living room, our imagination will come to the living room which is fresh, cool, calm, and relaxing. A green living room is, of course, calm and inviting. Yet, we can also combine and decorate it with some smart techniques. For instance, the green living room can be decorated in shabby chic theme. We can hang some accessories in wrought iron or wood on the wall. We can also lay braided rugs on the floor in cream or deep blue color.

The green living room can also be decorated in rustic retreat theme. We can apply hardwood flooring in wide planks on the floor. For our furniture, we can leather armchairs or beautiful couches which are combined by coffee table and side tables in the same colors. On the wall, we can hang a picture of woodland which is framed with wood.

Meanwhile, if we like beach, we can decorate our green living room to arouse the feeling on the beach. We can install a picture of beach scenery on the wall. For the couches, we can opt for a comfortable large one in white canvas. For the table, we can choose the glass one, where we can display any seashell and beach sands inside.