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There are many things that you can do to make family friendly family room. Have you ever visited your friends’ or relatives’ houses where you see many stuff in their family room. The stuff that I mean here is the kind of stuff which is fragile and easy to be broken, such as glass accessories or decorations that they put too many in the room. Well, indeed, it makes the room look very elegant and it really works out as a glamorous touch, but if you have an active family room, doing it might not be a bright idea. So, what you should do with your family room?

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Having a family friendly family room is done so that the family members can feel very comfortable to spend time together and enjoy the precious moment in the family room. So, the most important thing that you have to create in the family room is not the elegant look, it is the comfort. If each family member finds it comfortable to be in the family room, then you have succeeded.

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There are some points that you need to know in having a family friendly family room. First, do hat will be comfortable for you and your family. Buy a big couch, bring a special rug, put a big TV, and so on. Second, dare to play with the colors. Know more about the color choices and get the effect from it. For example, blue can make you feel calm, while red will tend to make you eat more. Third, if you have kids, make sure you do make some space for them. Make agreement on how the space is determined for them and there are some things that they cannot do in the family room, such as running around or playing hide and seek or anything else that will disturb others.